Multiple Meaning Words

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4 thoughts on “Multiple Meaning Words

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for these multiple meaning worksheets- I am a speech therapist and I found them very helpful for middle school students


  2. Chrisel

    1.These are awesome ideas for multiple meaining! It’s so hard to find good materials online for 6th grade. I think this would be perfect!!


  3. Johndave

    “Bubbles”; I then blew lots of bubbles for her to play with which reaerdwd her for asking.Another thing we did was to put all her toys away in see-through plastic boxes. She couldn’t get her toys without asking for them. This worked particularly well for things that had lots of pieces (eg. blocks) because I could give her just one at a time which would encourage her to ask over and over again to get all the blocks.To encourage my daughter to take turns speaking (she would often speak without listening to the person she was talking to) we played lots of games where you took turns. Once she understood how to take turns we talked about “your turn” and “my turn” in conversations. To encourage her to listen better to what people were saying we would play a listening game where she had to follow all my instructions (without me having to repeat myself) and at some point one of the instructions would be “Go and get a cookie” (or other treat). This made her listen really well!All these sound really simple but they were VERY effective and my daughter’s speech therapist has a never ending supply of ideas like this. We started speech therapy at 16 months and I have never regretted the decision to start so young. Her specific condition means that the she will probably be in speech therapy for some time to come but she is doing much better than other kids of the same age with the same condition because we started so early.Good luck


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