Following Directions Activities Part 2

Functional/ Goals             “Trick” Directions                 Unless and If     Complex Directions

foll-dir-function-and-goals-1             tricky-directions-2          tricky-directions-3             unless-and-if-foll-directions-4            foll-complex-direc-5

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10 thoughts on “Following Directions Activities Part 2

  1. Anonymous

    Where did you find all those hierarchies, they are great, would be great to have them in a book/journal article that could be cited for student assignments.


  2. maureen culver

    These activities are exactly what I have been looking for – my students do not take the time to read directions and I need to get their attention. Thank you so much!


  3. Anonymous

    Great direction activity. Thank you very much! This has help me greatly.


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