Noun Sentence Cards

            Noun Cards                                          Sentence Cards                                 Backs

   untitled-1noun-2       untitled-1noun-1       untitled-1-noun-sent-3      untitled-1-copy-noun-sent-4       untitled-1-noun-sent-5       untitled-1-backs-6

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About Paul

I'm a speech-language pathologist. I love thinking and writing about different things.
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One Response to Noun Sentence Cards

  1. Auth says:

    LOVE your links to Kait’s downloads I went off and dowlaonded everything and can’t wait to sink my teeth into it so thank you for sharing. It sounds like you are WELL on your way and I am thrilled to hear it shaking pink pom poms!I also love Thriller Thursdays so glad to hear they are sticking around. And they coincide so well with your book readership so FANTASTIC job!!I read your new blurb for The Prophet sounds uberlicious!!!As far as writing and achieving goals, I am such a newbie I’ve got nothing to offer but hopefully by the end of December I’ll have some of my own tips/tricks. I do agree with Julianna and Catie looking at it like a job would be helpful!


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