Science Galore! Vocabulary Worksheets

This is a free sample of a huge pack of these just released on Teachers Pay Teachers!  The full pack has TONS more puzzles (116 total).  Many, many areas, including Astronomy, Energy, Measurement, Research, Machines, Discoveries, Technology, Chemistry, and Biology.  Do your part to reinforce critical STEM vocabulary – only 4 dollars for the complete set!

Science Vocabulary Worksheets

Click on picture to view a small preview of each activity. Click on Doc or PDF to download worksheets in preferred format.

Earth Science


(1) ancient earth bullseye Doc PDF;     (2) ancient earth sentence maze Doc PDF;     (3) earth science sentence drop 1 Doc PDF;     (4) earth science sentence search 1 Doc ;    (5) meteorology bullseye Doc PDF;     (6) meteorology sentence maze Doc PDF;     (7) cumulative answers Doc PDF

The Human Body


(1) breathing and eating bullseye doc pdf;     (2) breathing and eating sentence search doc pdf;     (3) health science sentence maze doc pdf;     (4) muscles and bones sentence drop doc pdf;     (5) nervous system bullseye doc pdf;     (6) nervous system sentence search doc pdf;     (7) senses sentence maze doc pdf;      (8) human body cumulative answers doc pdf

Vertebrates and Habitats


(1) Bullseye 2 Doc PDF;     (2) Habitats Bullseye Doc PDF;     (3) Sentence Drop 2 Doc PDF;    (4) Sentence Maze 1 Doc PDF;     (5) Habitats Sentence Maze Doc PDF;     (6) Sentence Search 1 Doc PDF;    (7) Habitats Sentence Search  Doc PDF;     (8) Cumulative Vertebrates/Habitats Answers Doc PDF

ad science vocab puzzles galore