“Different” Language Cards

Click on the thumbnail for a preview image.  Click on the PDF links to get a higher resolution, printable copy.

1)   adjectives-basic-3 2) academic-nouns-later-2 3) antonyms-elem-2 4) comparatives-2 5) irregular-past-tense-basic-3 6) prepositions-later-3

1) adjectives basic PDF;  2) academic nouns PDF;  3) antonyms elementary PDF;  4) comparatives PDF;  5) irregular past tense verbs basic PDF; 6) prepositions later PDF

Why settle for these 48 cards, when you can have a complete set of almost 1,000 language cards, or over 2,000 speech and language cards over at Language Galore’s Teachers Pay Teachers site?  What’s even better is that all of these cards are available in single picture format, as well as in printable PDFs, so that they can easily be placed on a mobile device.  You can literally have more cards than you can find anywhere else, for much cheaper – all in the palm of your hand!

Check out the language cards:  tpt-diff-language-cards-preview-png or speech:  tpt-diff-speech-cards-preview-png


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