Preposition “War” Cards

These combine the traditional “War” card game with plenty of practice opportunities – these are specifically for later developing prepositions, such as around, through, toward, etc.  This game is super easy to learn, yet fun, and can be modified in many ways.  The basic gist is that the cards are divided up between each participant, and then for each turn one card is turned over, with the highest card holder keeping all of the cards.  Whoever eventually gets the most, or them all, wins.  In the case of ties, each tied player plays two cards face down before playing the third card face up, with the victor claiming all of the cards for that round.

preview images:

1) war cards preps 1 pic.png war cards preps 1b pic.png  2) war cards preps 2 pic.png war cards preps 2b pic.png   3) war cards preps 3 pic.png war cards preps 3b pic.png

pdf files:  1) war cards later dev prepositions 1;  2) war cards later dev prepositions 2;  3) war cards later dev prepositions 3

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