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Objective Language Therapy

There are several posts on my other blog – The Language Fix – on making language therapy objective, but because they’re scattered and hard to find, I’m combining the information into a page that can be accessed from the top menu.

Objective Language Therapy is an attempt to shift subjective, scattered approaches into an approach that can be used to know where language impaired kids are at and where they need to go.  Instead of statements like, “He’s doing better with making sentences,” Objective Language Therapy encourages objective statements like, “His use of age appropriate prepositions in sentences has increased from 20% to 90%.” or “He requires minimal cues to produce sentences with basic prepositions, an improvement from last year when he required extensive cueing.”

While the approach may be a little tricky to learn at first, it removes the guesswork so long a part of language therapy.  It replaces the discomfort so many SLPs feel with language therapy with the knowledge that what we’re doing is really helping kids achieve their language goals, and when they’re not it tells us what exactly we need to change.  Anybody who’s comfortable with articulation therapy will recognize several of the same concepts that make it so comfortable, with the tweaks needed to accommodate language’s unique complexity and variety.  Objective Language Therapy transforms language therapy from an art to a science.  Click here to learn more.

A Quick and Handy Guide to Autism Interventions

It seems like every time I think I have a basic familiarity with almost all of the autism interventions out there, somebody comes up with one I hadn’t heard of before.  So, I thought it might be nice to have a reference list to quickly look up some, and also to compare and contrast different ones.  There are a lot.  And, my sense is that in ten years half of these will have been replaced.  For more on my take on these, please visit my other blog, The Language Fix.

   PDF:  Quick and Handy guide to autism interventions

Yes/No Questions

Introduction/Hierarchy           Scripts/Drill                      Activities              Goals/Extra Practice


Download Doc                Download Doc                Download Doc              Download Doc

Verb Tense 2

Intro/Hierarchy            Scripts/Drills              Goals/Extra Practice           Data Sheet


Download Doc            Download Doc               Download Doc          Download Doc

Prepositions 3

Intro/Hierarchy           Scripts/Drill          Goals/Extra Practice     Word List/Data Sheet


           Download Doc           Download Doc             Download Doc          Download Doc

Plurals 2

Introduction/Research       Functional/Misc.       Goals/Practice        Word List/Data Sheet


          Download Doc             Download Doc          Download Doc        Download Doc

Negation 2

Intro/Hierarchy     Scripts/Drill      Functional/Goals          Data Sheet            Pix Activity


   Download Doc     Download Doc     Download Doc     Download Doc         Download Doc

Multiple Meaning Words 2

Introduction/Hierarchy    Scripts/Drill        Functional/Goals/Etc.     Word List/Data Sheet


   Download Doc             Download Doc             Download Doc             Download Doc

Irregular Past Tense Verbs 3

Introduction/Hierarchy        Elicitation/Goals/Etc.             Word List/Data Sheet


               Download Doc                    Download Doc                     Download Doc

Idioms 3

Intro/Hierarchy                    Goals/Extra                        Idiom List


        Download Doc                 Download Doc                 Download Doc

Idioms 2

        Scripts/Drill               Misc Activities                  Pictures             Zig Zag/Functional


        Download Doc            Download Doc            Download Doc           Download Doc

Helping Verbs 3

Intro/ Words                 Functional, etc.                  Data Sheet


Download Doc                 Download Doc                Download Doc

Functions 2

Intro/ Words             Scripts/Drill                   Functions Bingo              Data Sheet


Download Doc         Download Doc         Download Doc (2 pages)     Download Doc