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Remember It! Activities

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(1) Basic Antonyms Doc PDF;     (2) Later Developing Antonyms Doc PDF;     (3) Early Elementary Categories 1 Doc PDF;     (4) Early Elementary Categories 2 Doc PDF;     (5) Basic Similarities Doc PDF;     (6) Later Developing Similarities Doc PDF;     (7) Basic Synonyms Doc PDF;     (8) Later Developing Synonyms Doc PDF;     (9) Template Doc PDF

New Category Activities

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(1) Category “grid” or squares 1:  Doc PDF;    (2) Category “grid” or squares 2:  Doc PDF;      (3) Category Directions Activity – Basic 1:  Doc PDF ;      (4) Category Directions Activity – Basic 2 Doc PDF

Verb Tense

Sentence Maze               Bullseye                Functional/Extra           Board Games/Etc.


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Irregular Past Tense Verbs 2

Drills/ Scripts               Pictures               Functional, Misc.           Board Games, etc.


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