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Send Home Language Strategy Sheets

These sheets can be quickly completed after a therapy session and sent home to caregivers as a method of involving parents in language therapy.  The pictures are links to images, and the words are links to the document in doc format.

carrier phrases carrier phrases choices choice  communication temptation communication temptation

drill drill extension extension false assertions false assertions

focused stimulation focused stimulation following the childs lead following childs lead parallel talk parallel talk

A Quick and Handy Guide to Autism Interventions

It seems like every time I think I have a basic familiarity with almost all of the autism interventions out there, somebody comes up with one I hadn’t heard of before.  So, I thought it might be nice to have a reference list to quickly look up some, and also to compare and contrast different ones.  There are a lot.  And, my sense is that in ten years half of these will have been replaced.  For more on my take on these, please visit my other blog, The Language Fix.

   PDF:  Quick and Handy guide to autism interventions

Language Screening Tools


Download Doc (2 pages)                   Download Doc                   Download Doc