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Some Specific Language Therapy Ideas

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1)    2) categories preview   3) clauses phrases expanding sentence length preview   4) comparatives and superlatives preview

1) Attributes and Functions PDF;     2) Categories PDF ;     3) Clauses, Phrases and Expanding Sentences PDF;     4) Comparatives and Superlatives PDF

Language Therapy Ideas – Attributes

I’m adding to these specific language therapy ideas on the individual pages, and making a large list over on The Language Fix blog.  It’s gonna be HUGE!  This is just the start…


Catalog.  Get out a catalog. Talk about the items for sale.

Example statements:  “Why would somebody want a coat?” “It keeps you warm”. “Why do people buy wallets?”  “Why are those pillows so big?”  “What do you need umbrellas for?”  “Are those shoes big or little?”  “Does that blanket look comfortable?”  “Could I wear those gloves, or would they be too tight?”

Textbook.  Get out a textbook. Instruct student to describe vocabulary words at or below student’s level by using functions.

Example statements:  “What does a period do?”  “What is a shelter?”  “Why do bears have to hibernate?”  “What is a map?”  “Why would you need an index?”  “What was a covered wagon?” “What is the Constitution?”

Look around you. Describe functions of objects in your environment or of things commonly seen in offices. Take a walk, and describe functions of things seen in the hall out the window, etc.

Example statements:  “What is a stapler?” “It attaches papers together.” “What is a trash dumpster?” “It holds the building’s trash until the garbage men get it.”

Specific interests.  For example, for younger kids, talk about video games, television, or sports, or for older students talk about cooking, construction, or health care.  Discuss

specific interests.  Use the internet if needed.

Example statements:  “What does a cutting board do?” “What does a remote do?” “What do anesthesiologists do?”

Homework maker:  Create a list of from five to ten words at student’s level.  Write directions such as the following:  “Provide a function for each vocabulary word.”  Write helper next to a blank line for any helper to sign.  Provide individualized incentives for completed return.  For example:attribute-homework-example

Following Directions Activities Part 2

Functional/ Goals             “Trick” Directions                 Unless and If     Complex Directions

foll-dir-function-and-goals-1             tricky-directions-2          tricky-directions-3             unless-and-if-foll-directions-4            foll-complex-direc-5

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Additional Comparative and Superlative Activities

Functional Activities  Words/Data      Sentence Search       Fill in the Blank        Grid


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Yes/No Questions

Introduction/Hierarchy           Scripts/Drill                      Activities              Goals/Extra Practice


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Verb Tense

Sentence Maze               Bullseye                Functional/Extra           Board Games/Etc.


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Similarities and Differences

Misc Activities/Functional   Sentence Maze        Ovals/Analogies       Word List/Data Sheet


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Questions 2

Introduction/Hierarchy        Scripts/Drill                Misc Activities            Goals/Extra Practice


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Bullseye           Hidden Word Picture        Sentence Drop         Jumbles/Functional


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More Pronoun Activities

Intro/Hierarchy           Scripts/Drill          Goals/Extra Practice          Data Sheet/Word List


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Pronouns 3

Picture Activities          Functional/Etc.            Fill in the Blank            Dice Activities/Etc.


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Prepositions 3

Intro/Hierarchy           Scripts/Drill          Goals/Extra Practice     Word List/Data Sheet


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Prepositions 2

Battleshapes/Choices     Pictures/Simon Says  Following Directions      Functional/Misc


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Plurals 2

Introduction/Research       Functional/Misc.       Goals/Practice        Word List/Data Sheet


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Pragmatic Judgment

Additional Situations        Implications/Functional         Additional Activities


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Negation 2

Intro/Hierarchy     Scripts/Drill      Functional/Goals          Data Sheet            Pix Activity


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Multiple Meaning Words 2

Introduction/Hierarchy    Scripts/Drill        Functional/Goals/Etc.     Word List/Data Sheet


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Irregular Past Tense Verbs 2

Drills/ Scripts               Pictures               Functional, Misc.           Board Games, etc.


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Idioms 2

        Scripts/Drill               Misc Activities                  Pictures             Zig Zag/Functional


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Helping Verbs 3

Intro/ Words                 Functional, etc.                  Data Sheet


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