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Science Galore! Vocabulary Worksheets

This is a free sample of a huge pack of these just released on Teachers Pay Teachers!  The full pack has TONS more puzzles (116 total).  Many, many areas, including Astronomy, Energy, Measurement, Research, Machines, Discoveries, Technology, Chemistry, and Biology.  Do your part to reinforce critical STEM vocabulary – only 4 dollars for the complete set!

Science Vocabulary Worksheets

Click on picture to view a small preview of each activity. Click on Doc or PDF to download worksheets in preferred format.

Earth Science


(1) ancient earth bullseye Doc PDF;     (2) ancient earth sentence maze Doc PDF;     (3) earth science sentence drop 1 Doc PDF;     (4) earth science sentence search 1 Doc ;    (5) meteorology bullseye Doc PDF;     (6) meteorology sentence maze Doc PDF;     (7) cumulative answers Doc PDF

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New “R” sound and Irregular Past Tense Activities

Each picture is a png format preview of the activity which can be downloaded by clicking the corresponding Doc or PDF link below.

(1)bullseye r(2)sm r(3)irr past tense pix practice 1(4)irr past tense pix practice 2

(1) Liquid “R” Bullseye Doc PDF; (2) Liquid “R” Sentence Maze Doc PDF;(3) Irregular Past Tense Picture Practice 1 Doc PDF; (4) Irregular Past Tense Picture Practice 2 Doc PDF

Many more puzzle activities for the “R” and irregular past tense verbs can be found at my new Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

Science Vocabulary – Space and Astronomy


(1) space/astronomy bullseye 1 Doc PDF;     (2) space/astronomy sentence drop 1 Doc ;       (3) space/astronomysentence maze 1 Doc PDF;          (4) space/astronomy sentence search 1 Doc PDF

Sentence Mechanics / Metalinguistic Activities

Sentence Bullseye     Sentence Drop       Sentence Search        Sentence Maze

sentence-mechanics-bullseye-11              sentence-mechanics-sentence-drop-21               sentence-mechanics-sentence-search-1-31                  sentence-mechanics-sentence-maze-1-4

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Additional Adjective Activities

Sentence Searches                         Sentence Maze          Sentence Drop

adj-sente-maze-1             sente-mze-adjec-4                 sente-maze-adj-2              sente-drp-adjec-3

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Additional Idiom Activities

Idiom Matching Cards                        Sentence Maze     Idiom Choices

      idiom-match-card-1       idiom-match-card-2       idiom-match-card-3           idiom-sent-mze            idim-choices

    Download Doc  Download Doc  Download Doc     Download Doc       Download Doc

More Preposition Activities

Location Pictures            Bullseye                 Sentence Search          Sentence Maze

        prepositions-pix-act-11             preps-bullseye-act-2               prepos-ssearch-3                 preposi-sentence-maze-4

     Download Doc         Download Doc            Download Doc             Download Doc

More Adjectives Activities

Matching        Sentence Search                 Sentence Drops                     Sentence Maze

adj-match-1           adj-sent-search-2              adj-sdrop-3             sdrop-adjec-4            adj-senten-mze-5

Download Doc     Download Doc      Download Doc       Download Doc       Download Doc

More Preposition Activities

US Prepositions          Sentence Search             Sentence Maze              Sentence Drop


     Download Doc            Download Doc                Download Doc               Download Doc

Nouns – Irregular Plural, Abstract, and Collective

Irregular Plurals     Irregular Plurals      Irregular Plurals     Abstract Nouns  Collective Nouns


   Download Doc      Download Doc      Download Doc       Download Doc     Download Doc

Antonyms and Synonyms

Sentence Search             Sentence Maze                       Matching                   Word Search


   Download Doc             Download Doc                 Download Doc               Download Doc

Subject – Verb Agreement

Bullseye                  Sentence Drop                Sentence Maze              Sentence Search


   Download Doc           Download Doc               Download Doc                  Download Doc



         Download Doc              Download Doc              Download Doc             Download Doc

More Verb Tense


         Download Doc               Download Doc            Download Doc             Download Doc

Sentence Mazes


Click on picture to view a small preview of each activity. Click on Doc or PDF to download worksheets in preferred format.

(1) (2)

(1) Sentence Maze 1 Doc PDF;     (2) Sentence Maze 2 Doc PDF


Click on picture to view a small preview of each activity. Click on Doc or PDF to download worksheets in preferred format.


(1) Plural Noun Sentence Maze  Doc PDF;     (2) Collective Nouns Sentence Maze Doc PDF

Other Sentence Mazes

Click on picture to view a small preview of each activity. Click on Doc or PDF to download worksheets in preferred format.

(1) (2) (3)(4)idiom-sent-mze(5)

(1) Adjective Sentence Maze Doc PDF;     (2) Antonyms and Synonyms Sentence Maze Doc PDF;     (3) Comparatives and Superlatives Sentence Maze Doc PDF;     (4) Idioms Sentence Maze  Doc PDF;     (5) Irregular Past Tense Verb Sentence Maze Doc PDF

Verb Tense

Sentence Maze               Bullseye                Functional/Extra           Board Games/Etc.


       Download Doc           Download Doc            Download Doc               Download Doc

Similarities and Differences

Misc Activities/Functional   Sentence Maze        Ovals/Analogies       Word List/Data Sheet


       Download Doc              Download Doc           Download Doc        Download Doc

Adverbs 2

Sentence Mazes                                        Sentence Searches


          Download Doc          Download Doc            Download Doc             Download Doc

Pronouns 2

Possessive               Subject/Object               Possessive                  Reflexive


         Download Doc          Download Doc              Download Doc           Download Doc


Sentence Drop             Sentence Maze            Sentence Search             Bullseye


       Download Doc            Download Doc             Download Doc            Download Doc