Nouns – Plural Nouns and Curriculum Relevant Vocabulary

Plural Noun List in Developmental Order

Basic:  simple nouns with de-voiced final consonants, for example :  hats, ducks, cats, lips, clocks, clips, chips, consonants, etc.; simple nouns with voiced final sounds, for example:  pens, dogs, cans, trees, drums, birds, bees, cookies, etc
Later Developing:  simple nouns with “-es” plural ending, for example:  bushes, watches, brushes, ostriches, bridges, finches, etc.; curriculum relevant, mixed plurals, for example:  months, words, sentences, maps, countries, etc.
Irregular:  children, teeth, men, geese, women, feet, mice, sheep, people, deer, wolves, leaves, knives, phenomena, crises, etc.

List of Curriculum Relevant Nouns

Kindergarten :
Language Arts – alphabet, capital letter, cover, letter, lowercase letter, page, poem, question, rhyme, sentence, sounds, story, topic, word
Math – amount, coins, patterns, position, order, shapes, triangle
Science – basic needs, change, five senses, magnet, matter, metal, organs, position, properties, recycle, relationship, seasons, sound, tools, vibration
Social Studies – bridge, city, family, flag, history, holiday, laws, legend, map, Pledge of Allegiance, responsibility, rules, symbol, traffic
First Grade :
Language Arts – charts, details, plurals, poetry, text, theme, topic, vocabulary
Math- corner, cubes, edge, equal, group, half, pyramids, sequence, size, strategy, value
Science – behavior, distance, energy, mass, object, shelter, temperature, thermometer
Social Studies – biography, citizen, compass, continents, democracy, emotion, fossils, globe, government, interviews, journal, ocean, peace, President, production, tradition
Second Grade :
Language Arts – comma, chapter, main idea, punctuation, sentence, setting, syllable, rhyme, table of contents, title
Math – calculator, decimal, fraction, graph, length, rectangle, sphere, temperature, weight
Science – disease, experiment, description, invention, liquid, mix, model, resource, solid, tools
Social Studies – community, continent, country, fact, holiday, list, location, map, past/present/future, opinion, state, symbol, tradition
Third Grade :
Language Arts – adjective, author, audience, character, consonants, dictionary, details, glossary, interview, noun, period, recipe, sequence, signature, tense, verb
Math – area, chart, comparison, curve, decimal, division, pattern, position, solution, strategy, volume
Science – atmosphere, balance, climate, cycle, direction, environment, gas, model, motion, observation, property, resource, season, solar system
Social Studies – border, business, capital, career, cooperation, county, globe, governor, income, landmark, law, location, pioneer, President, product, rights, transportation, vote
Fourth Grade :
Language Arts – abbreviation, comma, conclusion, draft, evidence, index, plot, plural, opposite, outline, rate, setting, solution, source
Math – angle, base, edge, estimate, mass, multiples, remainder, symbol
Science – asteroid, characteristic, circuit, comet, data, electricity, material, measurement, mixture, organism, research, structure
Social Studies – ballot, candidate, compass, Constitution, century, culture, decade, democracy, election, explorer, government, hazard, population, settler, Supreme Court
Fifth Grade :
Language Arts – advertisement, comprehension, context, contrast, encyclopedia, fiction, illustration, nonfiction, prefix, pronoun, quotation marks, theme
Math – centimeter, foot, geometry, grid, inch, intersection, kilometer, mile, millimeter, model, negative, percent, prime number, ratio, yard
Science – circuit, drought, erosion, evidence, flood, fossil, mineral, reproduction, rotation, senses, solution, technology, vibration
Social Studies – career, citizen, Civil War, Declaration of Independence, economy, geography, House of Representatives, interest, inflation, judge, jury, Native American, national anthem, North America, Senate, suburbs, tax, trial, Vikings
Later Elementary/Middle School Curriculum Vocabulary
Language Arts – literature, media, metaphor, purpose, research, support, topic, variety, apostrophe, background, conflict, dialogue, definition, format, perspective, propaganda, reasoning, reference, selection, structure, technique, text, adverb, complex sentence, composition, drama, irony, repetition
Math – algebra, circumference, conversion, perimeter, probability, relationship, slope, data, distance, equation, formula, method, proportion, surface, transformation, combination, computation, exponent, expression, scientific notation, substitution
Science – cell, diversity, generation, organ, organism, species, system, tissue, trait, composition, evolution, geology, habitat, interaction, layer, surface, universe, chemical, conductor, laboratory, kinetic/potential energy, spectrum, velocity
Social Studies – architecture, civilization, impact, influence, mythology, origin, tradition, checks and balances, competition, consent, consumption, democrat, liberty, majority, nomination, policy, republican, separation of power, supply and demand, warranty, expansion, exploration, industry, issue, nation, reform, territory

Plural Noun Worksheets and Activities

Previews – Click on picture to view a small preview of each activity.

1) 2)3)4) 5) 6) 7) (8)

Documents – Click on Doc or PDF to download worksheets in preferred format.

1) Basic Plural ID Doc PDF;     2) Labeling Basic Plurals Doc PDF;     3) Picture Contrasts Doc PDF;     4) Hidden Word Picture Doc PDF;     5) Sentence Maze  Doc PDF;      6) Irregular Plural Sentence Search Doc PDF;      7) Irregular Plural Sentence Drop Doc PDF;     (8) Irregular Plural Sentence Bullseye Doc PDF

Plural Cards

untitled-1noun-2 untitled-1noun-1 untitled-1-noun-sent-3 untitled-1-copy-noun-sent-4 untitled-1-noun-sent-5 untitled-1-backs-6

Noun Cards – 1) Doc PDF;     2) Doc PDF;     Sentence Cards – 1) Doc PDF;     2)  Doc PDF;     3) Doc PDF;     Backs Doc PDF

Other Noun Worksheets and Activities

Previews – Click on picture to view a small preview of each activity.

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Documents – Click on Doc or PDF to download worksheets in preferred format.

1) Background Info Doc PDF;      2) Scripts/ Drill Doc PDF;      3) Functional/Misc  Doc PDF;      4)Abstract Nouns Sentence Search Doc PDF;     5) Collective Nouns Sentence Maze Doc PDF

Elicitation Ideas

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