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Verb Close-Ups Verb Activity

Use these unique and motivating cards to practice verbs!  Each picture is a png format preview of the activity which can be downloaded by clicking the corresponding PDF or ODT link below.

1)verb close ups 32)verb close ups 23)verb closeups 14)verb close ups 45)verb close ups 51) PDF ODT;  2)  PDF ODT;  3)  PDF ODT;  4)  PDF ODT;  5)  PDF ODT


Pull out your phone (also works well on computers) and try these FREE mobile verb close-ups.

verb close up lg preview 4 verb close up lg preview verb close up lg preview 2  (Phone Previews) verb close up lg preview 5 (Computer preview)


 web address 2

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Words That Work

Practice helping verbs, pronouns, contractions, and adjectives with a unique twist.

1) is and areis are PDF Doc;     2) has and havehas have PDF Doc;

3) he’s, she’s, and you’re words that work basic contractions hes shes yourePDF Doc; 4) adjectives words that work adjectivesPDF Doc

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Objective Language Therapy

Here’s some suggestions on gaining comfort with teaching language.

Smaller picture format:

obj lang tx

Here’s the PDF file.  Here are the links to The Language Fix’s Getting Comfortable with Language Therapy and Objective Language Therapy.

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Bingo! – Comparing Concepts/Comparatives and Superlatives

This bingo game includes lots of comparatives and superlatives and is a great activity to help improve comparing concepts!

If you enjoy this free Bingo game, please consider trying some of the other VERY affordable Bingo games from my Language Galore Teachers Pay Teachers site.

The game has five “boards” (although you can use regular paper if you want), and two pages of stimulus cards – 32 total cards. Use small bits of paper, coins, or just about anything for tokens. Total prep time should be just a couple of minutes to print the boards and cards and cut out the cards.

Individual Boards and Cards:

comp bingo card 1 comp bingo card 2 comp bingo card 3 comp bingo card 4 comp bingo card 5 comp cards 1 comp cards 2

Download complete bingo in PDF:  complete comparing bingo pdf

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New “R” sound and Irregular Past Tense Activities

Each picture is a png format preview of the activity which can be downloaded by clicking the corresponding Doc or PDF link below.

(1)bullseye r(2)sm r(3)irr past tense pix practice 1(4)irr past tense pix practice 2

(1) Liquid “R” Bullseye Doc PDF; (2) Liquid “R” Sentence Maze Doc PDF;(3) Irregular Past Tense Picture Practice 1 Doc PDF; (4) Irregular Past Tense Picture Practice 2 Doc PDF

Many more puzzle activities for the “R” and irregular past tense verbs can be found at my new Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

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Comprehension Pages – Conjunctions

These conjunction printables are generally easier toward the left, and more complex toward the right.  They could be laminated, cut into strips, or used as worksheets for lots of conjunction practice.

basic conjunctions 1 doc 1 pdf 1basic conjunctions 2 doc 2 pdf 2 expanded conjunctions 1 doc 3 pdf 3 expanded conjunctions 2 doc 4 pdf 4

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Send Home Language Strategy Sheets

These sheets can be quickly completed after a therapy session and sent home to caregivers as a method of involving parents in language therapy.  The pictures are links to images, and the words are links to the document in doc format.

carrier phrases carrier phrases choices choice  communication temptation communication temptation

drill drill extension extension false assertions false assertions

focused stimulation focused stimulation following the childs lead following childs lead parallel talk parallel talk

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Comprehension Pages – Location Concepts / Prepositions

There are many, many location concepts and/or prepositions on these pages…generally the first ones are easier, and the last ones are more difficult.  Feel free to laminate them, use them as worksheets, or they could be cut up into small cards. (The thumbnails are of larger picture files, or download in pdf form).

comp page pos concepts 1Pdf  comp page pos concepts 2Pdf  comp page pos concepts 3Pdf  comp page pos concepts 4Pdf

comp page pos concepts 5Pdf comp page later dev preps 1Pdf  comp page later dev preps 2Pdf

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Close Ups – Attributes, Giving Reasons, and Comparing

Practice attributes, giving reasons, and/or comparatives/superlatives! – Click on picture to view a small preview of each activity. Click on Odt or PDF to download worksheets in preferred format.


(1) Close Ups 1 Odt PDF;     (2) Close Ups 2 Odt PDF;     (3) Close Ups 3 Odt PDF;     (4) Close Ups 4 Odt PDF;     (5) Close Ups 5 Odt PDF;     (6) Close Ups 6 Odt PDF;     (7) Close Ups 7 Odt PDF; (8) Close Ups 8 Odt PDF

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