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Comprehension Pages – Conjunctions

These conjunction printables are generally easier toward the left, and more complex toward the right.  They could be laminated, cut into strips, or used as worksheets for lots of conjunction practice.

basic conjunctions 1 doc 1 pdf 1basic conjunctions 2 doc 2 pdf 2 expanded conjunctions 1 doc 3 pdf 3 expanded conjunctions 2 doc 4 pdf 4

Comprehension Pages – Location Concepts / Prepositions

There are many, many location concepts and/or prepositions on these pages…generally the first ones are easier, and the last ones are more difficult.  Feel free to laminate them, use them as worksheets, or they could be cut up into small cards. (The thumbnails are of larger picture files, or download in pdf form).

comp page pos concepts 1Pdf  comp page pos concepts 2Pdf  comp page pos concepts 3Pdf  comp page pos concepts 4Pdf

comp page pos concepts 5Pdf comp page later dev preps 1Pdf  comp page later dev preps 2Pdf