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Pointy Puzzles – Free Samples

(The pictures are small preview images, and the words precede links to the documents in odt and PDF formats.)

(1) preview 1 pronouns    (2) preview 2 categories     (3) preview 3 idioms     (4) preview 4 subject verb agreement

(1) Pronouns odt PDF;     (2) Categories odt PDF;     (3) Idioms odt PDF;     (4) Subject-Verb Agreement odt PDF

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Additional Idiom Activities

Idiom Matching Cards                        Sentence Maze     Idiom Choices

      idiom-match-card-1       idiom-match-card-2       idiom-match-card-3           idiom-sent-mze            idim-choices

    Download Doc  Download Doc  Download Doc     Download Doc       Download Doc

Idioms 3

Intro/Hierarchy                    Goals/Extra                        Idiom List


        Download Doc                 Download Doc                 Download Doc

Idioms 2

        Scripts/Drill               Misc Activities                  Pictures             Zig Zag/Functional


        Download Doc            Download Doc            Download Doc           Download Doc


Sentence Search               Puzzle                 Idiom Choices, etc.


Download Doc              Download Doc              Download Doc