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“Different” Language Cards

Click on the thumbnail for a preview image.  Click on the PDF links to get a higher resolution, printable copy.

1)   adjectives-basic-3 2) academic-nouns-later-2 3) antonyms-elem-2 4) comparatives-2 5) irregular-past-tense-basic-3 6) prepositions-later-3

1) adjectives basic PDF;  2) academic nouns PDF;  3) antonyms elementary PDF;  4) comparatives PDF;  5) irregular past tense verbs basic PDF; 6) prepositions later PDF

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Minimal Pairs Language Activities

Contrast Cards

Click on picture to view a small preview of each activity. Click on Doc or PDF to download worksheets in preferred format.


(1) Antonyms Basic 1 Doc PDF;  (2) Antonyms Basic 2 Doc PDF;     (3) Antonyms Elem 1 Doc PDF;    (4) Antonyms Elem 2 Doc PDF;     (5) Concepts, Positional Doc PDF;     (6) Concepts, Quantity Doc PDF;    (7) -ed -ing 1 Doc PDF;     (8) -ed -ing 2 Doc PDF;    (9) has have Doc PDF;   (10) is are Doc PDF;     (11) Multiple Meaning Basic 1 Doc PDF;     (12) Multiple Meaning Basic 2 Doc PDF;    (13) Multiple Meaning Elem 1 Doc PDF;     (14) Multiple Meaning Elem 2 Doc PDF ;     (15) Negatives 1 Doc PDF;     (16) Negatives 2 Doc PDF;    (17) Prepositions Above Below Doc PDF;     (18) Prepositions Around To Between From Doc PDF;     (19) Prepositions Behind In Front Doc PDF;     (20) Prepositions In On Doc PDF;     (21) Pronouns He She Doc PDF;     (22) Pronouns His Her Doc PDF