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Comprehension Pages – Conjunctions

These conjunction printables are generally easier toward the left, and more complex toward the right.  They could be laminated, cut into strips, or used as worksheets for lots of conjunction practice.

basic conjunctions 1 doc 1 pdf 1basic conjunctions 2 doc 2 pdf 2 expanded conjunctions 1 doc 3 pdf 3 expanded conjunctions 2 doc 4 pdf 4

Additional Negative Activities

Negation Comprehension (2)     Negative Sentences    Silly Sentences        Expanded Negation

negatives-1-copy Doc  Doc  negatives-2-copyDoc  negatives-3-copy Doc negatives-4-copyDoc

Following Directions Activities Part 2

Functional/ Goals             “Trick” Directions                 Unless and If     Complex Directions

foll-dir-function-and-goals-1             tricky-directions-2          tricky-directions-3             unless-and-if-foll-directions-4            foll-complex-direc-5

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Following Directions Activities

General Info       Feedback – Basic        Feedback         Activity/Practice        Checklist


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