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Verb Close-Ups Verb Activity

Use these unique and motivating cards to practice verbs!  Each picture is a png format preview of the activity which can be downloaded by clicking the corresponding PDF or ODT link below.

1)verb close ups 32)verb close ups 23)verb closeups 14)verb close ups 45)verb close ups 51) PDF ODT;  2)  PDF ODT;  3)  PDF ODT;  4)  PDF ODT;  5)  PDF ODT

or… Pull out your phone (also works well on computers) and try these FREE mobile verb close-ups.

verb close up lg preview 4 verb close up lg preview verb close up lg preview 2  (Phone Previews) verb close up lg preview 5 (Computer preview)


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More Matching Activities

Click on picture to view a small preview of each activity. Click on Doc or PDF to download worksheets in preferred format.

(1)helping verb matching has have(2)helping verb matching is are(3)verb tense matching ed ing(4)passive voice matching

(1) helping verb matching – has/have Doc PDF;     (2) helping verb matching – is/are Doc PDF;     (3) verb tense matching – ed/ing Doc PDF;      (4) passive voice matching Doc PDF

More Verb Tense Activities

Sentence Search          When… sentences         Sentence Drop         -ed and-ing pictures


Download Doc             Download Doc             Download Doc               Download Doc

More Verb Tense


         Download Doc               Download Doc            Download Doc             Download Doc

Verb Tense 2

Intro/Hierarchy            Scripts/Drills              Goals/Extra Practice           Data Sheet


Download Doc            Download Doc               Download Doc          Download Doc

Verb Tense

Sentence Maze               Bullseye                Functional/Extra           Board Games/Etc.


       Download Doc           Download Doc            Download Doc               Download Doc