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Specific Language Therapy Ideas – Part One

(Click on image for smaller preview, and PDF link for larger file) 1)  2)  3)  4)  1) Attributes and Functions PDF;     2) Categories PDF ;     3) Clauses, Phrases and Expanding Sentences PDF;     4) Comparatives and Superlatives PDF Advertisements

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Objective Language Therapy

There are several posts on my other blog – The Language Fix – on making language therapy objective, but because they’re scattered and hard to find, I’m combining the information into a page that can be accessed from the top menu. … Continue reading

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More Free Language Cards

Here’s some more language cards in PDF format.  This is the free sample available at Language Galore’s Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

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“Different” Language Cards

Click on the thumbnail for a preview image.  Click on the PDF links to get a higher resolution, printable copy. 1)    2)  3)  4)  5)  6)  1) adjectives basic PDF;  2) academic nouns PDF;  3) antonyms elementary PDF;  4) comparatives PDF;  5) irregular past tense verbs basic PDF; 6) prepositions … Continue reading

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Language Therapy Ideas – Attributes

I’m adding to these specific language therapy ideas on the individual pages, and making a large list over on The Language Fix blog.  It’s gonna be HUGE!  This is just the start… Attributes/Functions Catalog.  Get out a catalog. Talk about the items … Continue reading

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Basic Pronoun Zig Zags

Click on picture to view a small preview of each activity. Click on Doc or PDF to download worksheets in preferred format. 1)           2)  1) Doc  PDF;          2) Doc  PDF

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Free Online Multiple Meaning Words Pics

Check out this set of free multiple meaning word pictures that has just been added to Language Galore’s expanding free stuff section.

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Science Galore! Vocabulary Worksheets

This is a free sample of a huge pack of these just released on Teachers Pay Teachers!  The full pack has TONS more puzzles (116 total).  Many, many areas, including Astronomy, Energy, Measurement, Research, Machines, Discoveries, Technology, Chemistry, and Biology.  Do … Continue reading

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More Words That Work

I posted some of these earlier with helping verbs and adjectives.  Here’s some more, this time with adjectives, prepositions, and pronouns adjectives 2 PDF Doc;     prepositions 1  PDF Doc;     prepositions 2 PDF Doc;     basic pronouns PDF Doc

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Basic Concepts – Picture Pages

(The pictures are small preview images, and the words precede links to the documents in odt – Open Office – and PDF formats.) 1);    2);    3);    4) 1) positional concepts odt pdf; 2) quantity concepts odt pdf; 3) sequence concepts … Continue reading

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