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A Critical Comparison of the Pros and Cons of Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

The people of the United States are about to elect a president in what may become one of history’s most influential democratic elections – and they are about to do so with an astounding lack of the information normally necessary to make decisions of much lesser magnitudes. Critical examinations of the candidates have been consistently marred by both deliberate misinformation and a ratings obsessed media circus in which an ever-changing stream of one absurd headline after another continuously supersedes in-depth analysis. The two remaining candidates have been treated as near equals, both positively and negatively, despite the contrary facts. These facts are out there, but their scattered nature makes it far too easy to lose track. This post will be far different from any other previous posts to Free Language Stuff, but the magnitude of this election, the direction it seems to be heading, and the continuous misuse and abuse of information makes action critically important. And so here it is: a collection of the facts, and a side by side display of the pros and cons of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that highlights how apparent it is that not only are their accomplishments and negatives not equal – they’re not even close.

(Click on image to enlarge.  Click on PDF or DOC for files in those formats.)


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Free Online Multiple Meaning Words Pics

Check out this set of free multiple meaning word pictures that has just been added to Language Galore’s expanding free stuff section.

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Science Galore! Vocabulary Worksheets

This is a free sample of a huge pack of these just released on Teachers Pay Teachers!  The full pack has TONS more puzzles (116 total).  Many, many areas, including Astronomy, Energy, Measurement, Research, Machines, Discoveries, Technology, Chemistry, and Biology.  Do your part to reinforce critical STEM vocabulary – only 4 dollars for the complete set!

Science Vocabulary Worksheets

Click on picture to view a small preview of each activity. Click on Doc or PDF to download worksheets in preferred format.

Earth Science


(1) ancient earth bullseye Doc PDF;     (2) ancient earth sentence maze Doc PDF;     (3) earth science sentence drop 1 Doc PDF;     (4) earth science sentence search 1 Doc ;    (5) meteorology bullseye Doc PDF;     (6) meteorology sentence maze Doc PDF;     (7) cumulative answers Doc PDF

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More Words That Work

I posted some of these earlier with helping verbs and adjectives.  Here’s some more, this time with adjectives, prepositions, and pronouns

adjectives 2 words that work adj 2PDF Doc;     prepositions 1 words that work prep 1 PDF Doc;     prepositions 2words that work prep 2 PDF Doc;     basic pronouns words that work basic pronounsPDF Doc

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Basic Concepts – Picture Pages

(The pictures are small preview images, and the words precede links to the documents in odt – Open Office – and PDF formats.)

1)positional concepts;    2)quantity concepts;    3)sequence concepts;    4)time concepts

1) positional concepts odt pdf; 2) quantity concepts odt pdf; 3) sequence concepts odt pdf; 4) time concepts odt pdf

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Pointy Puzzles – Free Samples

(The pictures are small preview images, and the words precede links to the documents in odt and PDF formats.)

(1) preview 1 pronouns    (2) preview 2 categories     (3) preview 3 idioms     (4) preview 4 subject verb agreement

(1) Pronouns odt PDF;     (2) Categories odt PDF;     (3) Idioms odt PDF;     (4) Subject-Verb Agreement odt PDF

Many more of these can be found for super cheap at my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

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Mobile Pronoun Pix!

Free Portable Pronoun Pix!  Use wherever you have a computer, or a phone, or a tablet.  Check them out at Language Galore!.

pronouns mobile preview

Mobile Preview

pronouns desktop preview

Desktop Preview

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On the Go! Irregular Past Tense Pix Great for Mobile

Pull out your phone (also works well on computers) and get extra practice with these FREE mobile irregular past tense pictures.

irr past tense 1 irr past tense 2 irr past tense 3 irr past tense 4

web address 2

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Vocabulary Tiny Seek and Finds

The pictures are links to images, and the words are links to the document in doc and PDF formats.

1)  Early Elementary Vocab  tiny seek and find early elem pic Doc PDF

2)  Later Elementary Vocab  tiny seek and find later vocab pic Doc PDF

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On the Go! Free Mobile Language Therapy

Pull out your phone (also works well on computers) and get extra practice with these FREE mobile basic verb (-ed & -ing) animated gifs.

basic verb tense 1 basic verb tense 2 basic verb tense 3 basic verb tense 4


web address 2

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